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It was June of 1993.  I was a seven-year-old wonder kid, glued to a silver screen, watching dinosaurs roam the landscapes of 35mm celluloid.  How was this possible?  And how did I fit it into this new world of unlimited imagination?

A couple of years later, I picked up my parents' PANASONIC VHS camcorder.  I began to direct.  I began to act.  I began to start my lucrative career in the film business where storytelling was everything and the best was yet to come.

Since then, I've written & directed 14 short films, directed & produced 6 tv shows, hosted 3 docu-series, acted in 16 short films, and have shot and edited promos, shorts, trailers, and documentaries.


From 2010 to 2012, I cut my teeth in the commercial writing world at Film House, inc. where I wrote screenplays and various concepts for TV spots and PSAs that aired overseas on Military channels. 

My education has been rewarding as well.  I graduated from Watkins College of Art, Design & Film in 2010 with a BFA in Film Directing.  In 2014, I completed the two-year acting conservatory at the William Esper Studio under teacher Terry Knickerbocker.

I am currently prepping my first feature film.  Based on the 2018 supernatural thriller short film of the same name, Hushed tells the story of a dysfunctional family and a ghost they have welcomed into their every day lives, permitting it to be the head of the household. 


I am also the creative director at ESR 24/7 eSports Network, hosting, producing and directing game shows for their channel such as eSports Times: Age of Coronavirus, eSports Times: Kills, Thrills, & Chills & eSports TimesThanksgaming which were just released this year.

As an actor, you can catch me as Roberto in the Indonesian box office success What's Up with Love? 2.

Interested in seeing my work?  Check out my show reels.

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